This section describes how administrators could manage their applications registered in Keyrock to create data usage control policies.

Go to "access & usage" in the application view to manage the usage control policies:

Figure 1: Application data usage policies

You can create a usage control policies by clicking on plus button on the right panel as shown in:

Figure 2: List policies

In order to create an usage control policy you need to insert:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Type. Keyrock define the following usage control policy types:

    • Aggregation

    • Count

    • Custom. This allows you to insert your own ODRL policy rule.

  • Punishment (Kill job, Unsubscribe or Monetize).

  • Time Lapse in which the usage control policy rule applies.

Figure 3: Create policy

Finally, you can assign several usage control policies to a role:

Figure 4: Assign policies