Registering an application as a eIDAS Service Provider

Once the IdM has be configured to support eID authentication, registered applications can enable this kind of authentication individually.

During the registration process a new checkbox is included as seen in the following image:

Figure 3: Enabling eIDAS in application registration

Then, a new step in the registration process is included. In this new step the data regarding the Service Provider registered in the eIDAS node has to be filled.

Figure 4: eIDAS Service Provider data

Once the application is registered, the metadata of the Service Provider is exposed in the endpoint http://idm-host/idm/applications/*application-id*/saml2/metadata. This metadata file is needed for registering the Service Provider in the eIDAS node.

Note: It is very important to register the Service Provider in the eIDAS node following the specific instructions of the node owner. This instructions depends on the Member State where the node is deployed. Testing nodes can be deployed following the instructions provided by the EC.